Monday, December 24, 2007

The Tablet Shall Set You Free - 12/24/07

Lindsay Miller Published in Tip Of The Week
The Tablet Shall Set You Free - 12/24/07

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wacomI made a tough decision this year: I sold the 35mm film camera system that has seen me through years of shooting. I also parted with some medium-format gear and a few other things that had collected inches of dust. The price of progress is sometimes parting with things that used to work wonderfully but now just seem quaint. I decided that the resulting profits should be put back into my digital workflow, and so I invested in some essential things that, although unglamorous, help me get my work done better. I also splurged on something to revolutionize my computer work: a Wacom stylus and tablet system. While it took a bit of getting used to, a few months later, I can't imagine going back to my mouse. Sure, I use the included mouse for regular computer work, but when it comes time for fixing pictures, the mouse instantly disappears in favor of the stylus. I love the pressure-sensitive controls in Photoshop and the ease with which I now feel as if I'm really an artist working precisely on every picture. It's a great feeling and it's gotten me that much more in touch with my images. I have the Intuos3 9x12 model, and while it eats up a lot of desktop real estate, it also has revolutionized my retouching. I'm sure the smaller (and less-expensive) models are equally as exciting, so don't be afraid to splurge. After all, if it makes your work or hobby more fun, isn't that a valuable necessity?

Photo courtesy of Wacom

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