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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Strobe Lighting Unleashed - 1/7/08

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battery chargerI shoot with studio strobes a lot, even when I'm on location. The problem is that I'm always searching for an outlet to power them. I've long dreamed of investing in a rechargeable battery pack, but the steep price of great units from many strobe manufacturers has always kept me from taking the plunge. After months of hemming and hawing I finally made the investment-sort of. I found an off-shore supplier of rechargeable power packs. Innovatronix, based in the Philippines, offers the Tronix Explorer 1200 pure sine wave inverter and battery pack for only $249-a fraction of the cost of other options. For such a potentially useful item, I was willing to take a bit of a risk, and so far so good. I just used the pack to power my Dynalite 1000 strobe setup while shooting a group photo outside on a city street-a location that required us to work quickly and provided absolutely no access to power. The pack worked well, and although recycle times weren't exactly lighting-fast, it got the job done. And just because you may not use AC strobes, doesn't mean this pack won't make your day, too. I've also used it to power my laptop with its ancient and ailing internal battery. The manufacturer claims 1,000 full-power flashes of a 300-watt-second strobe per three- to five-hour charge, and as far as I can tell, they're right. Check the site for strobe compatibility, and don't hesitate to make a minor investment in this power source that can transform literally any location into your makeshift studio.

Photo courtesy of Innovatronix


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