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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Favorite Features: A Tiny Point & Shoot - 11/12/07

BigI'm a big American. I like big cars, big burgers, big houses and big hair. But for some strange reason I also like really tiny cameras. The point-and-shoot kind that are stick-in-your-shirt-pocket-along-with-a-pack-of-gum-and-a-wad-of-used-Kleenex small. I'm a sucker for subcompact cameras and I don't know why. I've long sacrificed resolution, optical zooms and even fully functioning basic features for cameras that are smaller than a half-used bar of soap. It may not be rational, but I'm hooked. Thankfully, the technology has recently improved such that you can readily get 6 megapixels and a 3x zoom in a very small package, but I'd be buying them even if they were grayscale and VGA. So my question today is this: what are your favorite features in a point-and-shoot camera, and why? It could be something as simple as a shutter release that's easy to distinguish from the power button, or a monster zoom that means you never have to move. What's your must-have point-and-shoot feature?

Photo composite by William Sawalich

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