Monday, December 3, 2007

Calibrate Or Die - 12/3/07

Basak Prince Published in Tip Of The Week
Calibrate Or Die - 12/3/07

Calibrate or Die If you work for a photo magazine, the number one question you get from everyone you ever meet is "What camera should I buy?" How come nobody ever asks about the importance of color-managed workflow? With all the great cameras available, it's hard to buy a bad one, but it's easy to turn the best cameras' pictures sour with a non-color-managed computer and monitor. After the camera, your next purchase should be a color calibrator and accompanying software to profile your monitor and other output devices. I'm embarrassed to say that I once worked professionally with an unmanaged system before making the minimal investment in a tool that has truly revolutionized my output. Working in a color-managed space means that you know-and I mean know-that your images look like what you think they. If you're not managing the color of at least your computer's monitor, you really have no idea what your photographs actually look like. And I'd say that's too important a detail to overlook. With a color calibrator your images on screen will appear as they are printed, so knowing what the picture looks like before you print is an important way not to waste ink or your time for that matter. Keeping your monitor calibrated will give you the most accurate representation of your photos.

Photo courtesy of ColorVision

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