Monday, September 3, 2007

Breaking The Rules - 9/3/07

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Breaking The Rules - 9/3/07
Breaking The RulesThe first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. Likewise, the first rule of photography should be that there are no rules. The problem is, all those rules and regulations we've learned regarding composition and f-stops and shutter speeds do make perfect sense as a starting point. The rule of thirds, for example, suggests that you imagine your viewfinder broken up by vertical and horizontal lines into nine boxes. Where the lines intersect becomes the optimum placement for a center of interest. The problem is, a dead-center subject might make for a stronger composition. That's right: breaking the rules is okay sometimes-maybe even most times. It's not that the rules aren't valuable; you've got to first learn why the rules apply to know when they're better to be broken. Try consciously breaking some rules the next time you frame up your subject. Place a horizon in the center of the frame, or stick your portrait subject smack dab in the center. The change of pace can make for graphically stronger and more interesting compositions.

Photo copyright 2007 William Sawalich
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