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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

Lighting In Layers
Build Beautiful Photographs One Light At A Time
Lighting In LayersI've studied photography for many long years and with many great teachers, but there are still some techniques you have to stumble into on your own

How Focal Length Impacts Portraits
Choose the right lens for the ideal portrait perspective
How Focal Length Impacts PortraitsI'm fascinated by lens choice. It's something we learn early on and usually think, really, how difficult is it?

Eliminate Oversharpening
Get the benefits of creative sharpening without the drawbacks
Eliminate OversharpeningSharpening is one of the most- un-glamorous, yet totally essential, digital imaging edits you can make to your photographs.

Fashion Lighting Sans Studio
The ideal fashion light is high-key sunlight.
Fashion Lighting Sans StudioIf you’ve always wanted to shoot high fashion but you don’t have access to a studio and strobes, consider yourself lucky. That’s right: lucky.

Sponsored Tip: Digital Night Photography
Sponsored Tip: Digital Night PhotographyIn order to feel like night, your image must be dominated by dark tones. But how dark?

Make Every Portrait Subject Happy
How to retouch to ensure the people in your pictures will love the way they look
Make Every Portrait Subject HappyIf you make portraits—whether strangers or friends, for fun or profit—it won’t be long before you realize there are a few key fixes that almost everyone appreciates. So if you want to give the gift of a beautiful portrait, here are six techniques you can use to ensure that your portrait subject will be happy with your work.

How To Shoot BMX Action
Tips from action sports photographer Justin Kosman
How To Shoot BMX ActionAction sports are bigger than ever these days, and nothing's more exciting than high-flying BMX. Whether it's racing or freestyle, on a half-pipe or on the street, if you've got friends who are into the sport—or maybe you're just curious about it—you might try taking pictures of it.

How To Photograph Real Estate
Tools and techniques for better interior architectural photographs
How To Photograph Real Estate My real estate agent recently asked what camera and lens I used to photograph my home's for sale listing. These tools and skills can be useful for lots of people, so I decided to write about it here.

The Importance Of Perspective For Better Photos
Harness the power of camera position and angle of view for more interesting perspectives
The Importance Of Perspective For Better PhotosOne of the most powerful compositional tips is the one that I think people are quickest to overlook. It’s the suggestion to change your viewpoint to anything but eye level.

Exposure Controls Density, Development Controls Contrast
How a film-era axiom still applies to help you create perfect digital pictures
Exposure Controls Density, Development Controls ContrastWhen I was in high school my photography teacher was quite a character. Mister Colgan challenged students to one-armed pushup contests, and promised that if you were to bring him a box of Cuban cigars and a bottle of Napoleon Brandy he'd give you an A for the semester. As far as I know, nobody ever took him up on either count.

Sponsored Tip: Creating A Personal Palette
Sponsored Tip: Creating A Personal PaletteA very simple way to think about color and tone is to orchestrate them as if they sat at either end of a see-saw: if you raise contrast, try lowering saturation, and vice-versa.


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