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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

Five On-Camera Flash Tips
You shouldn’t use your on-camera flash. Here’s what to do when you have to
Five On-Camera Flash TipsYou should not use your on-camera flash. There, now that we got that fundamental rule established, let’s talk about breaking it.

Local Control in Black & White
Selective adjustments for better black-and-white conversions
Local Control in Black & WhiteOkay, let me warn you right off the bat: this is going to be another tip about converting color photos to black-and-white.

Retouching With Light
Use lights precisely to make faces look their best
Retouching With LightWhen we talk about making portraits it’s inevitable that the topic of retouching comes up

How To Shoot On Gray Winter Days
What to do when you want to photograph on an ugly day.
How To Shoot On Gray Winter DaysThis time of year much of the country starts to experience more frequent cloudy gray days than any other time of year.

Winter Photography Preparedness
Tips from a Pro on keeping yourself and your gear warm, dry and performing well in winter
Winter Photography PreparednessI was fortunate last year to interview winter photography expert Marc Adamus for Outdoor Photographer magazine.

Lighting for Texture
Two keys to create light that will enhance texture (or hide it)
Lighting for TextureImagine your subject is a textured plaster wall. Better yet, imagine it's an impressionist oil painting hanging on that wall

Beat Your Meter
Override your camera’s TTL light meter when atypical scenes demand it
Beat Your MeterUnderstanding how your digital camera's through-the-lens light meter works will help you make more accurate exposures, no mater what metering mode or exposure mode you're using

Sponsored Tip: Global Vs. Local Contrast
While the term "contrast" is familiar to anyone who has adjusted their television, it's also commonly misunderstood in terms of how it affects photographs
Sponsored Tip: Global Vs. Local ContrastWhile the term "contrast" is familiar to anyone who has adjusted their television, it is also commonly misunderstood in terms of how it affects photographs.

Lighting In Layers
Build Beautiful Photographs One Light At A Time
Lighting In LayersI've studied photography for many long years and with many great teachers, but there are still some techniques you have to stumble into on your own

How Focal Length Impacts Portraits
Choose the right lens for the ideal portrait perspective
How Focal Length Impacts PortraitsI'm fascinated by lens choice. It's something we learn early on and usually think, really, how difficult is it?

Eliminate Oversharpening
Get the benefits of creative sharpening without the drawbacks
Eliminate OversharpeningSharpening is one of the most- un-glamorous, yet totally essential, digital imaging edits you can make to your photographs.


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