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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

Skin Retouching With Frequency Separation
A powerful technique for beautifying skin without obliterating detail
Skin Retouching With Frequency SeparationI recently met a professional portrait retoucher who taught me all about her preferred method for skin retouching, commonly called the Frequency Separation technique

Build An In-Home Photo Studio
How to turn a basement, garage or spare bedroom into a functional photography space
Build An In-Home Photo StudioWhether you’re shooting for fun or aspire to open your own photography business, building your own in-home studio opens up a whole new world of photographic possibilities

How To Photograph Football
Tips from a pro for shooting on the gridiron
How To Photograph FootballFall is here, and for a lot of us, fall means football

Making Long Daytime Exposures
How to add motion blur to landscapes without the benefit of low light
Making Long Daytime ExposuresI recently found myself on an impromptu afternoon walk, camera in hand, and faced with a babbling brook and a small waterfall

How To Make Digital Contact Sheets
Five techniques for making photographic proof sheets
How To Make Digital Contact SheetsNo matter whether you’re a paid professional or a hobbyist, it’s not uncommon to need to show your work to someone else so that they can select the images they’d like to receive

Improving Color Accuracy
Three simple steps to get on the right track to accurate color
Improving Color AccuracyIf you’re new to the concept of color management, this tip is for you

Dark Backgrounds In Broad Daylight
How to use your strobe to overpower the sun
Dark Backgrounds In Broad DaylightNo studio? No problem

How To Cut Window Mats
Present fine photographs in the finest possible way
How To Cut Window MatsIn this digital world, the photographic print has become increasingly rare

Five Methods for Bouncing Light
More than just fill, reflected light is very versatile
Five Methods for Bouncing LightFor many photographers, bouncing light means just one thing...

Breaking Bad Photographic Habits
Five bad habits we would all do well to break
Breaking Bad Photographic HabitsWe all have them. They come in infinite forms

Use A Hard Light For Portraits With Pop
Soft light is the standard, but specular lights can be pretty, too
Use A Hard Light For Portraits With PopThe rules of portraiture say you have to use soft light to make your subjects look their best


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