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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

His Pictures Look Better Than Mine! It Must Be The Camera!
Fight camera envy with an understanding of how some photos get their good looks
His Pictures Look Better Than Mine! It Must Be The Camera!I recently received an email from an old friend who is also a new photographer

Multi-Image Compositing Tips - Part Two
How to combine multiple exposures in the computer
Multi-Image Compositing Tips - Part TwoLast week we covered my favorite in-camera tips for making multiple image composites

Tips and Tricks for Multiple Exposure Compositing
Part One: In-camera compositing tips
Tips and Tricks for Multiple Exposure CompositingThere’s an old saying that it’s always better to get a shot right in the camera whenever possible, as opposed to fixing it in post

Build Your Own Strip Light
Creating custom light modifiers is inexpensive and easy
Build Your Own Strip LightThere are all sorts of studio gadgets and light modifiers that I would love to add to my arsenal

Portrait Posing Guide
Poses can make or break your pictures. Choose them wisely
Portrait Posing GuideThe great thing about photography is that there are very few hard and fast rules

The Most Important Flash Tip
Tools and techniques to help you get your flash off your camera
The Most Important Flash TipFor many of us, when we purchased our first DSLR, we also acquired a few accessories

Use A Polarizer On A Cloudy Day
Not just for blue skies and reflections, polarizers are ideal for improving color
Use A Polarizer On A Cloudy DayWhy do you put a polarizer on your lens? Everybody knows the answer to this question, right?

Archiving With Lightroom
The popular RAW processing program is also an exceptional organizational tool
Archiving With LightroomWhen I began using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as my primary digital image management tool, I wondered how I would feel about the catalogs I was creating after a few years had passed

Make High-Key Portraits Indoors And Out
Strobe light or sunlight; take your pick for beautiful portraits
Make High-Key Portraits Indoors And OutWhen you’re photographing a person and you realize that the subject and background are both presenting you with bright tones, you may want to consider making a high-key portrait

Mastering Intentional Blur
From camera shake to zoom blur, how to make deliberately blurry pictures for artistic effect
Mastering Intentional BlurMost photographers would probably agree that blurry images are bad

How To Use Auto ISO
When light is changing, consider employing your camera’s auto ISO adjustment
How To Use Auto ISOFor the longest time I considered my camera’s auto ISO feature something only amateur photographers used


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