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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

5 Game-Changing Photo & Video Apps
Funky effects, powerful sharing and more for your phone
5  Game-Changing Photo & Video AppsI’m not one who typically takes my phone photography particularly seriously

How To Photograph Art Like an Expert
Copy work is one thing. Making beautiful images of artwork is entirely another
How To Photograph Art Like an ExpertMy friend Elon Schoenholz is a talented photographer who is often hired by museums to photograph gallery interiors and artwork

Photographic Copy Work
Lighting and photographing flat art on a copy stand or on a wall
Photographic Copy WorkThe foundation of photographically reproducing two-dimensional images is called copy stand photography, or copy work

Contrast Correction and Color Balance By The Numbers
Using the eyedropper and the info palette to measure contrast and white balance
Contrast Correction and Color Balance By The NumbersNo matter what mood you’re trying to create in a photograph, one thing about exposure values generally remains true

Learning to Light Shiny Objects
To light reflective surfaces, you actually light what they see
Learning to Light Shiny ObjectsWhat happens when you try to photograph a reflective surface such as glass, chrome or gold?

Snow Photography Tips
Lighting and composition tips for shooting in snow
Snow Photography TipsHere are five keys to success when working in snow

How To Buy A Lens
Five questions to ask to be sure your next lens is the perfect purchase for you
How To Buy A LensWhat lens should I buy?

Using Photoshop’s Color Look Up Tables
Color Look Up Adjustment Layers offer efficient options for altering an image
Using Photoshop’s Color Look Up TablesHave you heard about Color Look Up Tables

Get Started With Light Painting
This simple technique is fun and funky, and it never goes out of style
Get Started With Light PaintingMany photographers will tell you that they are painters of light, which sure enough may be true

Don’t Shoot on Green Screen
Why photographers should not use green screens when shooting for composites
Don’t Shoot on Green ScreenEvery once in a while, while referring to the creation of multiple photographs with the intention of compositing them together in a finished blended image, someone will use the phrase “shoot it on a green screen.”

Five Ways To Black And White
A handful of great options for converting color images to black and white
Five Ways To Black And WhiteBack in the good ol’ days of the darkroom, creating a black and white photograph was easy


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