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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

Better Portraits With On-Camera Flash—9/8/09
Overexpose your flash…on purpose!
Better Portraits With On-Camera Flash—9/8/09A wise photographer recently told me that a great model makes pedestrian lighting look expert. Sage advise, for sure. But I also would contend that the reverse is true: Simple and effective lighting techniques can make a plain subject look great.

Photos at concerts or sporting events—8/31/09
Here’s a hint: Turn off your flash!
Photos at concerts or sporting events—8/31/09Whenever I’m at a football game, rock concert or any other event where thousands of people have gathered for the express purpose of watching a performance on a stage, court or field, I’m struck by one recurring thought: none of those pictures will turn out.

Photoshop’s Fabulous Fade Tool—8/24/09
Photoshop’s Fabulous Fade Tool
Photoshop’s Fabulous Fade Tool—8/24/09Sometimes it’s the simplest tools that make the biggest difference. That’s the way it works with Photoshop’s Fade tool. I work with the program on a daily basis, and I have for years.

Better Back-To-School Portraits—8/17/09
Don’t rely on the school photographer. Do it yourself!
Better Back-To-School Portraits—8/17/09Bad news, kids: it’s back-to-school time. But there’s good news for parents who are photographically inclined. Instead of suffering at the mercy of the school photographer this year, why not make your own back-to-school portraits?

More Precise White Balance in Photoshop—8/10/09
Using the densitometer for customized color control
More Precise White Balance in Photoshop—8/10/09You can’t trust your eyes. You may think you can, but when it comes to determining the accuracy of subtle variations in color temperature, your eyes definitely do not have it.

Five Tips for Better Bounced Flash—8/3/09
Soften flash for professional lighting control
Five Tips for Better Bounced Flash—8/3/09Bounce your flash, bounce your flash, bounce your flash.  You can’t turn around without someone telling you that the best way to modify an otherwise boring and harsh on-camera hot-shoe-mounted flash is to bounce it. I’m not complaining; the advice isn’t bad. In fact, it’s great.

Better Portraits with Motion Blur—7/27/09
Break the rules for dynamic and flattering portraits
Better Portraits with Motion Blur—7/27/09I know what the rules say, but I don’t always like to follow them. I will grudgingly admit that it’s true: generally speaking, rules that protect you from blurry pictures are helpful. But sometimes, making your pictures intentionally blurry can actually be a bonus.

Creating Drama with Light—7/20/09
Use hard light sources to showcase texture and sharpness
Creating Drama with Light—7/20/09Sharpening and edge enhancing are popular postproduction techniques that help to focus attention on specific parts of an image.

Highlighting Details with Sharpness—7/13/09
Selective sharpening with the High Pass filter
Highlighting Details with Sharpness—7/13/09Sharpening is the crucial final step in preparing any image for output. Whether optimizing a photo for the printed page or for screen display on a web site, this finishing touch is critical.

Mastering the Art of the One-Light Portrait - 7/6/09
Who says portrait lighting has to be complex?
Mastering the Art of the One-Light Portrait - 7/6/09Browsing around the Internet it’s easy to get the impression that the only way to make a great portrait is to use a multi-dimensional uber-difficult lighting scenario. Whether it’s natural light or strobe, you may have the impression that if you don’t go big you might as well go home.

How to Photograph Fireworks - 6/29/09
10 tips for this once-a-year opportunity
How to Photograph Fireworks - 6/29/09Independence Day is right around the corner, and that means picnics and parties across the country. It also means photographers from coast to coast will be heading out after dark with one thing in mind—shooting fireworks. Armed with a few key tips, fireworks photography can be a blast.


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