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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

How To Fix Your Broken Camera—04/19/10
How to pick the right camera fix for you
How To Fix Your Broken Camera—04/19/10You always carry your camera carefully; you’ve done so for years. But then a single misstep, or a poor grip, or any number of other mishaps suddenly leads to your worst photographic nightmare: you drop your camera.

10 Things New Photographers Should Know—04/12/10
What I wish I had known when I got my first camera
10 Things New Photographers Should Know—04/12/10You’ve got your brand new D-SLR and you’re ready to move into the ranks of serious amateur photographer.

Master The Art Of Subtle HDR—04/05/10
HDR doesn’t have to be used to create only surreal, candy-colored scenics
Master The Art Of Subtle HDR—04/05/10High Dynamic Range photography, or HDR, has gained wild popularity over the last few years because of the dramatic image effects it can deliver.

Make your own extreme ND filter in an instant—03/29/10
Create a variable ND filter from filters you already own
Make your own extreme ND filter in an instant—03/29/10Outdoor photographers often make amazing landscape images of fluffily blurry moving water, or beautifully swaying windblown trees.

Go to extremes for great rule-breaking photos—03/22/10
A little bit wrong can look like a mistake, but a lot can look genius
Go to extremes for great rule-breaking photos—03/22/10Photography has a lot of rules. First you learn them, then you learn to break them.

Five Myths About Lenses—03/15/10
Fighting fiction with facts to make you a better photographer
Five Myths About Lenses—03/15/10The internet is a great place to learn all sorts of fascinating facts about photography, but there’s good news and bad news that goes along with that.

Perfectly Wrong Exposures—03/08/10
Sometimes an over- or underexposure is the right choice
Perfectly Wrong Exposures—03/08/10Automatic exposure and automatic flash metering sure do make it easy to make correct exposures that help with great pictures.

How Not To Take Blurry Photos—03/01/10
Eight simple steps to minimize motion blur
How Not To Take Blurry Photos—03/01/10Blurry photographs can happen for a number of reasons, from motion blur to poor focus.

Shoot Indoors To Stay Warm—02/22/10
Simple lighting tips make shooting inside easier
Shoot Indoors To Stay Warm—02/22/10It’s cold and snowy (or at least less hot and sunny) just about everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere these days, which makes for the perfect excuse to stay indoors.

Turning Photos Into Art—02/15/10
Painting photos with the Art History Brush
Turning Photos Into Art—02/15/10I’m always looking for fun and easy ways to make photographs look like paintings, and I recently learned another great one.

Five Filter Myths—02/08/10
What you think you know about filters may be hurting your photos
Five Filter Myths—02/08/10Think you know it all about lens filters, like exactly when and where and how and why you should use them?


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