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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

Creative Cloning in Complex Situations—10/10/11
Photoshop’s Vanishing Point tool gives powerful cloning control
Creative Cloning in Complex Situations—10/10/11I’m a cloner. What can I tell you, it’s one of my favorite tools in Photoshop. I clone out spots from sensor dust, stray hairs on foreheads, zits and blemishes…

Lighting With Purpose—10/03/11
Great advice on lighting from master portrait photographer Gregory Heisler
Lighting With Purpose—10/03/11A few months ago, I was fortunate to attend a lecture by master photographer Gregory Heisler. Along with an amazing portfolio of iconic portraits, Mr. Heisler imparted some very practical information about lighting.

Better Color Accuracy For Perfect Fall Foliage—09/26/11
How to get the perfect color balance for shooting autumn leaves
Better Color Accuracy For Perfect Fall Foliage—09/26/11Color accuracy is always important, but never more so than when you're photographing something with a bright, bold color that's integral to the "story" of your picture.

Five Tips For Photographing Water Drops—09/19/11
Creative ways to shoot droplets and splashes
Five Tips For Photographing Water Drops—09/19/11Water droplets make for inherently interesting photographic subjects. They’re not only tiny and interesting, they act like little lenses that reflect the world in an unusual way.

Hard light or soft?—09/12/11
How to determine which type of light is right for your shot.
Hard light or soft?—09/12/11There’s hard light and there’s soft. The hard kind is also called specular, and soft light is also known as diffuse. These terms refer to the quality of a light source.

Mixing Flash And Daylight—09/05/11
How to control strobe and ambient independently in the same exposure
Mixing Flash And Daylight—09/05/11It was a grand moment in my life when the light bulb finally flipped on in my head, and I grasped the concept of controlling strobe and ambient exposures separately in a single exposure.

How Not To Make Sharp Photos—08/29/11
Seven tips for blurry photos at every turn
How Not To Make Sharp Photos—08/29/11Sharp photos really bring me down. They’re so effective at conveying the facts of a scene clearly and succinctly.

Overexpose For Better Pictures—08/22/11
Minimize noise and maximize detail with this simple exposure trick
Overexpose For Better Pictures—08/22/11It’s always best to have the perfect exposure, right? Well, sure, the perfect exposure is never a bad thing.

Being Mark Seliger—08/15/11
What you can learn from the work of this world-class portrait photographer
Being Mark Seliger—08/15/11If I could be Mark Seliger, I would. That was the case almost 20 years ago, when I finally discovered who was behind all those phenomenal Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair magazine covers.

Seven Sunrise-Landscape Tips—08/08/11
Advice for early-morning landscape photography
Seven Sunrise-Landscape Tips—08/08/11Summer is waning, and so are the warm days and easy opportunities to comfortably get out and make early-morning landscape images.

How To Make A Typology Grid—08/01/11
Creating and displaying a dynamic group of photos
How To Make A Typology Grid—08/01/11Photographs displayed in cohesive groups can sometimes be more interesting than a single image.


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