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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

Myths About Zoom Lenses—12/26/11
These versatile lenses are sometimes misunderstood
Myths About Zoom Lenses—12/26/11I admit it: I'm a big fan of prime lenses. But with the recent acquisition of some very fine zoom lenses, I'm starting to reconsider that preference. I know I'm in the minority when it comes to zooms.

Five Top Secret Photoshop Tricks—12/19/11
Undocumented shortcuts make digital imaging faster and better
Five Top Secret Photoshop Tricks—12/19/11I'm convinced that if I used Photoshop every day for the rest of my life, I would never run out of things to discover. So if some of my current discoveries are old hat for you, well, what can I say: I've worried more about using cameras than computers.

Ten Tips For Photographing Winter Weather—12/12/11
How to photograph snow & ice, and keep it from ruining your camera
Ten Tips For Photographing Winter Weather—12/12/11Snow sure is pretty. When it's newly fallen and untouched, it’s got an almost otherworldly draw for photographers. I think it's because it makes everything look different than we’re used to.

How To Turn A Shopping Bag Into A Softbox—12/05/11
...plus a few other quick fixes and camera hacks
How To Turn A Shopping Bag Into A Softbox—12/05/11There are two ways to do any job: the right way and the shortcut way. Normally the shortcut way is less than ideal. Cutting corners is no way to build a portfolio of great pictures.

Improve Your Photography With Self-Assignments—11/28/11
Challenge yourself to become a better photographer
Improve Your Photography With Self-Assignments—11/28/11I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a great, talented go-getter of a photographer named Rachel Whaley. Whaley surely has photographic talent, business sense and the drive to make a name for herself in the world of fashion photography.

Make Your Own Holiday Cards—11/21/11
From design to printing, these tips will help you send a special holiday greeting this year.
Make Your Own Holiday Cards—11/21/11It's only a few short weeks before holidays are here. If you'd like to do a little something special this year for your friends and family, consider creating your own custom holiday greeting cards.

Fix Dull Skies And Make Them Blue—11/14/11
Create beautiful blue skies, in the camera and the computer
Fix Dull Skies And Make Them Blue—11/14/11Not long ago I received a reader request: "How do I replace a dull sky in Photoshop?" It's a great question, and one that lots of photographers have. I know this, because it's a question I once had, too.

Faux Infrared From Any Digital File—11/07/11
Use Lightroom to make color pictures look like infrared B&W
Faux Infrared From Any Digital File—11/07/11I like finding digital postprocessing techniques that emulate special effects normally achieved in the darkroom. From solarization to sepia toning, recreating darkroom techniques in the digital workflow is gratifying.

Prep Your Pictures For Email And The Web—10/31/11
How to resize and compress your photos for online use
Prep Your Pictures For Email And The Web—10/31/11As a commercial photographer, I encounter people on a daily basis who want photographs emailed to them for use in print or online. That's no problem, of course, as long as these folks know what they're asking for—and what to do with it once they get it.

Five Halloween Photo Tips—10/24/11
How to shoot creepy ghouls and goblins in low light on Halloween night
Five Halloween Photo Tips—10/24/11It seems like Halloween gets bigger and better every year. The stores sell more and more décor, kids trick or treat in multiple locations, and costumes just keep getting bigger and better.

Compositing Multiple Exposures—10/17/11
How to defy logic (and gravity) with multiple-image compositing
Compositing Multiple Exposures—10/17/11I’m no expert at panoramas, HDR, or any of those other photographic pursuits that require multiple exposures to create a single high-resolution finished image. But I’m smart enough to understand how making multiple exposures with a camera locked in position on a tripod can be immensely useful for a variety of things.


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