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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

A Simple Secret For Beautiful Black & White Portraits—04/16/12
Master photographer Howard Schatz shares his easy advice
A Simple Secret For Beautiful Black & White Portraits—04/16/12Howard Schatz is one of the most prolific photographers I've ever met. He's published 19 books of photography, covering seemingly 19 different subjects. The constant, though, is the human form: he's an expert in photographing bodies. His latest book is a black & white study of the pregnant female form.

Break The Rules: Shoot Into The Sun For Better Pictures—04/09/12
A backlight can add interest and depth to almost any scene
Break The Rules: Shoot Into The Sun For Better Pictures—04/09/12As warm weather arrives you’re likely to find yourself photographing outdoors more frequently. Whether you’re shooting at sunrise or sunset there's one trick you can always use to add interest, a little bit of pop, and the illusion of three-dimensionality to your photos. Position yourself so that you’re shooting toward the sun so that it creates a backlight.

How To Sync Studio-Style Strobes—04/02/12
Two great approaches to improve your big strobe connectivity
How To Sync Studio-Style Strobes—04/02/12Monolights and pack-powered studio strobes are aspirational purchases for a lot of photographers. Unfortunately, though, while most resources spend a decent amount of time discussing the strobes themselves, rarely do you read about how, exactly, a photographer goes about firing those strobes.

Getting Started In Lightroom—03/26/12
An organizing and editing primer
Getting Started In Lightroom—03/26/12Lightroom is a powerful photographic tool. From organizing to editing, developing to output, I use Lightroom as the centerpiece in my workflow.

Anatomy Of An Architectural Photo Shoot—03/19/12
Every important step in the making of an architectural exterior
Anatomy Of An Architectural Photo Shoot—03/19/12When you want to make a great architectural image you've got to flex a variety of creative muscles. On a recent high-rise shoot I put a few of my photographic skills to use.

Shoot Macro Photos Without A Macro Lens—03/12/12
Four affordable alternatives to expensive macro glass
Shoot Macro Photos Without A Macro Lens—03/12/12I've got a great macro lens and I love shooting with it. It's got image stabilization and a fast maximum aperture, and I find it immensely useful when making big photos of small objects.

The RAW Image Stabilizer—03/05/12
How to use underexposure as an alternative to an image stabilized lens
The RAW Image Stabilizer—03/05/12Let's take a bit of a scientific approach to this week's tip by writing it out as an "if/then" statement.

Make The Most Of Great Light—02/27/12
In order to make the perfect picture, you’ve got to wait for the perfect light. Then wait some more.
Make The Most Of Great Light—02/27/12I was recently commissioned to photograph a high-rise office building for its new owner, and I knew my best opportunity for a dramatic shot was going to be at sunset.

Get Perfect White Balance With A Simple Gray Card—02/20/12
The basic gray card can help you master color control
Get Perfect White Balance With A Simple Gray Card—02/20/12Everybody knows the importance of accurate white balance, and we all know that a simple and effective way to ensure accurate white balance is to shoot a gray card.

Three Secrets To Flash Success—02/13/12
The three things every photographer should know how to do with a flash
Three Secrets To Flash Success—02/13/12No matter what kind of handheld flash you use, whether it's a Canon or a Nikon or a Quantum or a Metz, there are three key things every photographer should know how to do with that flash.

Essential Portrait Tips—02/06/12
Six key insights to help you create better people pictures
Essential Portrait Tips—02/06/12How do you make a great portrait? Books have been written and lives have been lived in the quest to answer this question, so rest assured that this simple blog post won’t answer every question you have about portrait success.


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