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If it will help improve your digital photography, it will be in DP's Tip of the Week. Check back each week for a new photography tip.

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Dark Backgrounds In Broad Daylight
How to use your strobe to overpower the sun
Dark Backgrounds In Broad DaylightNo studio? No problem

How To Cut Window Mats
Present fine photographs in the finest possible way
How To Cut Window MatsIn this digital world, the photographic print has become increasingly rare

Five Methods for Bouncing Light
More than just fill, reflected light is very versatile
Five Methods for Bouncing LightFor many photographers, bouncing light means just one thing...

Breaking Bad Photographic Habits
Five bad habits we would all do well to break
Breaking Bad Photographic HabitsWe all have them. They come in infinite forms

Use A Hard Light For Portraits With Pop
Soft light is the standard, but specular lights can be pretty, too
Use A Hard Light For Portraits With PopThe rules of portraiture say you have to use soft light to make your subjects look their best

How To Insure Photography Equipment
Cameras and lenses are expensive. Here are the basics of protecting yourself from a costly loss
How To Insure Photography EquipmentI recently suffered through a flood at my studio that caused many thousands of dollars in damage and many months of headaches

Photographing Clear Objects
Transparent subjects require special lighting techniques
Photographing Clear ObjectsLighting stuff is easy, right? You just point a light at it, and you can see it

Histogram Exposure Adjustments in Lightroom
Get hands-on by clicking and dragging histogram elements to adjust exposure, brightness and contrast
Histogram Exposure Adjustments in LightroomWe all know what a good histogram should look like, right?

Retouching Multi-Layered Files
Three techniques to make spotting and retouching easier when working with layers in Photoshop
Retouching Multi-Layered FilesThe thing that really makes Photoshop an invaluable editing tool, in my opinion, is its ability to process images with layers

How To Build A Book Light
Produce beautiful portrait light, no softbox required
How To Build A Book LightI’m always studying soft lighting techniques in hopes of refining my portraiture repertoire


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