Time Collapse

During my studies for my Graphic Design diploma, Photography 101 was a required course, and that was the start of my passion for photography.
Text & Photography By Matt Molloy
Human Tornado. This "timestack" is made from 340 photos of myself drumming, merged into one image. The interval between shots was 1 second. It was a low-light situation, so I cranked up the ISO to get a quicker shutter speed (1/5 of a second). I had previously tried a longer…

Get With The Program!

The fact is, most professional photographers use some form of automatic settings for the majority of their work.
Text & Photography By J. Dennis Thomas
More photographers these days are stepping up to high-end DSLRs from compact or entry-level models, which offer more sophisticated controls. As they gain more knowledge and experience, many photographers start to eschew any sort of automatic settings. I often see Internet discussions where a newcomer to the world of photography…

The Garage Studio

I remember walking into Bathhouse Studios in New York for the first time.
Text & Photography By Tom Bol
I remember walking into Bathhouse Studios in New York for the first time. Stretching out before me was 4,000 square feet of shooting space, including a 30-foot white cyclorama cove you could drive a Ferrari onto. One of New York's premiere rental facilities, this massive studio (originally a bathhouse) was…

Passion For Color

Learn to use color deliberately to evoke emotion and deepen the narrative of your images
By Xanthe Berkeley With Tracey Clark, Photography By Xanthe Berkeley
I love color. I seek it out, and fill my frame with as much as possible. It's a continual and consistent theme in my work. I like to be bold and playful with all the colors of the spectrum. The color within a photograph can draw the eye into the…

All About Scene Modes

Harness the power of your camera's scene modes to make better pictures in any circumstances
By William Sawalich
Your camera's Scene modes are for amateurs, right? Not really. Scene modes can be great shortcuts that allow even professionals to make some powerful changes with the flip of a single switch. Here's what happens behind the scenes of each mode, and how you can put them to use in…

Dream Worlds

Creating other-worldly images that blend Photoshop with film-based darkroom techniques
By William Sawalich, Photography By Ann Elliott Cutting
Ann Elliott Cutting carves out time from her busy schedule as a commercial assignment photographer to make the images that she's inspired to make. For a photographer used to fulfilling the vision of editorial and advertising clients, it's especially nice to be your own art director and pursue your own…
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