Focus On The Details

Create unique images of the natural world using your smartphone
Text & Photography By Meredith Winn
Photography is a powerful tool. We wield our cameras with the possibility to share a different perspective of the world. In this day of instant everything, I find myself taking a majority of daily photos with my smartphone. This little device has become a great resource for documentation, and it…

Shooting A Series

Ordinary moments become a collection of family treasures
Text & Photography By Meredith Winn
Long before the days of #hashtags, dipping back in time when social media was a new phenomenon, photographers shot in series to collect a grouping of “similars”—images that documented a specific location or subject over time. This is an interesting practice that not only shows how you grow as a…

Creativity Unleashed!

10 simple techniques to develop your photographic vision
Text & Photography By Tom Bol
“You’re either born with it or you’re not.” This assertion about creativity has haunted many photographers through the years. If you were really lucky, you were born with this power. You simply grab a camera, point it at a subject, and miraculously every image is worth framing. It doesn’t matter…

Photo Contest Tips From The Judges

Improve your chances of winning a photo contest with these rules of what NOT to do, gathered by the Digital Photo judges
By David Schloss
Photo contests are a wonderful way to challenge yourself. Nothing motivates a photographer to create beautiful images more than the thought of submitting them to a panel of judges, and the chance of winning a prize doesn’t hurt, either. Even if you don’t win, the experience will make you a…

Tilt-Shift Focus Effects

Create super-shallow depth of field with tilt-shift lenses and their Photoshop equivalents
Text & Photography By William Sawalich
Tilt-shift lenses are often used for architecture and product photography. The “correct” way to use a tilt-shift lens is to adjust the lens elements in order to minimize distortion or to shift the plane of focus for massive depth of field. But breaking the rules with a tilt-shift lens is…

Photo Exercise: Simplicity

Less can be more for stronger, meaningful images
Text & Photography By Alessandra Cave
Contrary to our natural inclination to fit as many elements as possible into the frame, keeping things simple can result in images that are strong, purposeful and soulful. Simple doesn’t have to be boring. A single subject against a clean background can be utterly captivating. We can achieve simple and…
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