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Monday, November 12, 2007

Trick Shots: Snow

Jump in to winter photo opportunities with these tips

Trick Shots: Snow Watch For Washouts
When photographing snow, especially in bright light, you need to be very careful not to overexpose the highlights in a scene, the brightest part of a subject.

Trick Shots: Snow After you take a shot, check your camera's histogram and make sure you don't have a spike on the right, which indicates a highlight washout. Also check your camera's overexposure warning, which shows overexposed areas as flashing on-and-off zones.

When I took these two pictures, one of an ice floe in Antarctica and one of a polar bear in Cape Churchill, Canada, I checked my camera's LCD display to make sure I had a good histogram and that I hadn't overexposed areas.

Trick Shots: SnowTrick Shots: SnowThink Black-And-White
Often, snow scenes are monochromatic. That being the case, if your camera has a black-and-white mode, take a black-and-white picture to see how the scene looks as a grayscale image. Even if it looks great, take a color shot because you may want a full-color shot later. In Photoshop Elements, you can convert your color image to a black-and-white image (Mode > Grayscale). You may need to make some Levels and/or Contrast adjustments after conversion. I've found that converted grayscale images tend to look a bit flat.



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