Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Making Of “Multiplicity”

I believe that nothing is ordinary, that everything and everyday life can be seen as art.
Text And Photography By Meredith Winn Published in Shooting
The Making Of “Multiplicity”


Now go to your first layer mask. Select the Brush tool (since the layer mask is white, be sure to select a black brush) and taking your black brush (adjusting hardness, size and opacity, as needed), brush over the person in that first layer. In my example, this would be the person on the far left of the frame, standing beside the couch. The person will now seem to be erased from the image.


Click the layer mask. You now want to invert it by hitting CTRL+I (CMD+I if you?re on a Mac). You should now see the person in the first frame (standing), as well as the one in the second frame (sitting on the couch).


Continue on with your second layer mask, continuing to use the black brush to now remove the second person (sitting) from the frame. Hit CTRL+I and you should now see the first person in the frame (standing), the second person (sitting) and now the third person (dancing) on the couch.


Click the layer mask for the third photo. Continue by brushing out the third person (dancing) on this layer mask. Hit CTRL+I to invert and you?ll now see your final and fourth person (laying down) in the frame. Click the final layer mask for this fourth photo and brush out this fourth person (laying down).


Hit CTRL+I to invert and you?ll see all four versions of yourself within one frame. Now that you?re happy with your image, go to Layer > Flatten Image. Don?t forget to save your image.

These days, photography and Photoshop go hand in hand. Multiplicity photography can be a real test of your patience as you work to create a vision. Using different props and clothes in preproduction aid in creating a visually pleasing concept. Using different techniques (blending, layering, curving) in postproduction results in a creative expression of self. Have fun exploring this new technique!

Meredith Winn is a writer, photographer and co-founder of NOW YOU Workshops. She?s also a contributor to Shutter Sisters, featured in our regular column Point of Focus. See more of Winn?s photography on her blog the-spirit-of-the-river at

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