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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back To School

Enrich and expand your photography knowledge through workshops

At-Home Study
Unable to take time away from home to attend a class? Consider a study program that you can do from home to fit your own schedule. For example, the New York Institute of Photography has videotaped lessons and texts, and audiotaped critiques from professional photographers that offer the ability for you to improve your photography even if you can't get away for a workshop. Long-distance photo programs are great for people wanting to change careers, start a business on the side or up their skill levels to achieve more professional-looking photographs. For more information on the New York Institute of Photography, visit www.nyip.com.



Workshop Considerations

• Know your skill level. You don't want to be in a class that's going to teach you what you already know and you don't want to feel lost in a sea of technical knowledge that you don't understand yet.

• Be honest as to what you know and want to learn. This ensures you'll get your money's worth.

• Class size. The limit is usually 12 to 16 per workshop. A smaller class size gives the instructor a chance to personally get to know and help out everyone. Sometimes instructors have assistants with extensive knowledge so no one feels left behind and all questions can be answered.

• What are you paying for? Sometimes meals, accommodations, film, use of equipment, etc., are included in the workshop cost.

• Credentials! You're paying good money so make sure the school you're attending is a reputable one that will raise your level of understanding in a fun and comfortable environment.

Great American Photography Workshopswww.gapweb.com
Julia Dean Photo Workshopswww.juliadean.com
Lepp Institute of Digital Imagingwww.leppphoto.com
Maine Photographic Workshopswww.theworkshops.com
Palm Beach Photographic Centrewww.workshop.org
Rocky Mountain School of Photographywww.rmsp.com
Santa Fe Workshopswww.sfworkshop.com

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