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Learn digital camera techniques and tips that will help you flex your creative skills as well as improve the quality of your images.

Strange World
Recycled materials and digital capture combine to create elaborate miniature narratives
Strange WorldThe American Dream looks different through the eyes of Jeff and Sabrina Williams.

10 Keys To Unique Portraits
How to use location, lighting and creative thinking to improve your portraits
10 Keys To Unique PortraitsNo matter what type of photography you like, at one point or another, you’ll find yourself shooting a portrait.

White Balance Blues
Auto white balance may be convenient, but it won’t give you the best colors
White Balance BluesIf you had asked me a few years ago if I could tell the difference between a photo shot with Auto white balance and one with a specific setting.

Lighting Gear Makes A Difference
Tips, tricks and gear to make your photos stand out
Lighting Gear Makes A DifferenceLighting is the most crucial element in photography, and, in fact, it’s at the very core of image-making, be that photographs, paintings or drawings.

Improve your photo creativity by looking for art in everyday scenes close to home
Extra/ordinaryThere couldn’t be truer words than those found in the Latin proverb, “By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn.”

Go Macro
Tools and tips for getting started with macro photography
Go MacroSo you want to dive head-first into the great big world of photographing little bitty things?

The Details Of Portraiture
Learn to notice the subtleties for more expressive photos
The Details Of PortraiturePhotographers, in essence, are storytellers. Instead of words, we use images to tell our stories. In traditional portraiture, we most often focus on the face of our subject to narrate the shot.

Photo Flexibility
Follow your instincts, but don’t make my mistakes
Photo FlexibilitySeveral months ago, I attended a wedding in northern Michigan. Originally, I planned on spending only a few days, but found the area so interesting, I stayed nearly two weeks.

Winter Photo Tips
Ten ways to make memorable images this holiday season
Winter Photo TipsI always look forward to the holiday season. Everyone has time off from work, the mood is festive and snow is falling through the air.

Shooting For Action
How to get high-impact photos of the wide world of sports
Shooting For ActionThere’s nothing more thrilling in sports photography than nailing the climactic moment in a still image.

Creative Wedding Photos
Make memorable images with these essential tips from a top wedding pro
Creative Wedding PhotosPhotographing a wedding is one of the most challenging assignments a photographer can take.


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