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Learn digital camera techniques and tips that will help you flex your creative skills as well as improve the quality of your images.

Balanced Illumination
Shutter speed is the key to mixing flash with ambient light
Balanced IlluminationLow-light flash photography can be frustrating, especially when you're new to it.

Exploring Fall Colors
Capturing the essence of autumn and the change of seasons
Exploring Fall ColorsWe come inside with dewy shoes and arms full of firewood.

Stranger In A Strange Land
Photo philosophies for making meaningful people pictures on location
Stranger In A Strange LandWhen we travel, either to the other side of the world or to the other side of the country, making good people pictures can be a rewarding experience.

Liquid Landscapes
Create evocative images from watery surfaces
Liquid LandscapesReflections are the beauty of a childhood imagined.

Photographing Architecture
Tips for making pro-quality images of iconic buildings when traveling
Photographing ArchitectureWhether your destination is close to home or across the globe, vacation travel presents a chance to photograph interesting architecture.

The Great American Camping Trip
Capturing the magic and memories of summertime family fun
The Great American Camping TripSo begins certainly one of my favorite parts of the experience: capturing it all through my lens.

The Painterly Portrait
Re-create classic paintings for a fun, artistic spin on portraiture
The Painterly PortraitWhile studying the painting, I observed the shadow and highlight areas of the painting, as well as the highlights on the girl's hair and arms.

Lighting For Success
Three simple, classic portrait lighting setups that will generate income
Lighting For SuccessThree types of portraits have generated a lot of business for me through the years: executive headshots, sports portraits and beauty shots. I

Sharpness Is Essential
Tools and techniques for perfect focus
Sharpness Is EssentialIf you're going to make money with your photography, you absolutely have to make sure your images are sharp.

The Beauty Of Available Light
Location, timing and creativity are the keys to out-of-the-studio portraits
The Beauty Of Available LightWhen many people think of a professional portrait photographer, this often conjures up images of someone like Richard Avedon, darting around frantically with a light meter, taking readings from all different angles in a high-paced and frenetic setting at a large industrial space.

The Positives Of Negative Space
Consider the space surrounding your subject for more dynamic compositions
The Positives Of Negative SpaceAs photographers, we often get so involved in selecting, positioning and composing for the subject that we can forget the unrelated factors that have just as much of an impact on the composition as the main subject itself.


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