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Learn digital camera techniques and tips that will help you flex your creative skills as well as improve the quality of your images.

Seven Tips For Awesome Road-Trip Pictures
Hit The Highway For Photographic Freedom
Seven Tips For Awesome Road-Trip PicturesComedian Steven Wright said, "Everything is within walking distance, as long as you have time."

Add Some Flare!
How to create this popular effect without software
Add Some Flare!Shooting toward a light source reduces the overall contrast and color saturation of your image.

Be delighted by what can emerge in the layered world of visual echoes
ReflectionsOver the many years I've been a photographer, I've experimented with a number of creative techniques.

Travel Like A Pro
What I’ve learned that will help make your photo adventures abroad more enjoyable
Travel Like A Pro"Now boarding, US Airways flight 708 to Munich, Germany. All passengers please proceed to gate A20."

Exposure Solutions: Sharp Action
Top tips for getting great photos of moving subjects
Exposure Solutions: Sharp Action There is, perhaps, nothing more satisfying than an image of action frozen in crisp, sharp detail, allowing us the time to scrutinize and analyze every nuance—down to the smallest speck.

Memories In The Making
Using photography to tell the most important story
Memories In The MakingPerhaps it's stating the obvious, but motherhood has completely transformed me, not only as woman, but as a photographer.

Five Classic Lighting Recipes
Five tried-and-true lighting styles for effective portraits
Five Classic Lighting RecipesAs much as I like to experiment when it comes to lighting, there are times I need the sure thing.

Some quick fixes and tips for making beautiful images of moving water
WaterfallsThis Quick Fix installment is a bit different from my past columns.

Time Collapse
How time-lapse photography led to turning stacks of frames into a single image
Time CollapseDuring my studies for my Graphic Design diploma, Photography 101 was a required course, and that was the start of my passion for photography.

The Garage Studio
Gear and techniques to transform any small space into a studio
The Garage StudioI remember walking into Bathhouse Studios in New York for the first time.

Passion For Color
Learn to use color deliberately to evoke emotion and deepen the narrative of your images
Passion For Color I love color. I seek it out, and fill my frame with as much as possible. It's a continual and consistent theme in my work.


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