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Learn digital camera techniques and tips that will help you flex your creative skills as well as improve the quality of your images.

Shot In The Dark
It has never been easier to create stunning astral photos
Shot In The DarkA barrage of questions is hurling my way in the frozen, ink-black night.

Subjects That Move You
When to let your subject guide the shoot
Subjects That Move YouWhen they boarded the bus for our first shoot at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the boys had skateboards in hand.

Knockout Black & White
Create stunning monochrome images with these pro tips
Knockout Black & WhiteWhat exactly draws photographers to the black-and-white image?

Unexpected Subjects
How to find art in the discard pile
Unexpected SubjectsA year and a half ago, I paused outside the house with the red door just long enough to hang my iPhone out the car window to tap a photo of the realtor's sign.

Wild Exposures
Multilayered silhouettes that explore new territory in self-portraiture
Wild ExposuresCreating multiple exposures is a trend that's getting a lot of attention in the photography world lately.

Go Deep
How to strike the right balance of sharpness for your subject
Go DeepAbout five or six years ago, the term "bokeh" started getting batted around a lot in the photography community.

Winter Wonderland
Tips and inspiration for cold-weather storytelling in a snowy environment
Winter WonderlandWhen I ventured into my first adult winter in New England, I found myself approaching the season with a certain giddiness and childlike innocence that bordered on naive.

Exposure Solutions: Balance Backlight
Use a reflector for an inexpensive, convenient fill light
Exposure Solutions: Balance BacklightBacklight can produce beautiful results for portraiture if you know where to take your meter reading—and, if you call upon a reflector.

Step Up Your Light
Achieve studio-quality lighting with flash modifiers
Step Up Your LightSpeedlights and on-camera flashes have become so advanced that many photographers are using them as primary studio and location lights.

Envision The End Result
Previsualization of the final desired image is often the key to success
Envision The End ResultYou know, it doesn't take much to turn a snapshot into a great shot.

Build A Primes Lens Kit
How (and why) to select key prime lenses for your camera system
Build A Primes Lens KitIn the almost distant past, the prime lens was de rigueur.


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