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Learn digital camera techniques and tips that will help you flex your creative skills as well as improve the quality of your images.

Master high dynamic range imaging to enhance tonal range or create hyperrealistic effects
HDRHigh dynamic range (HDR) imaging is one of the most exciting and inspiring (and misunderstood and maligned) recent technological developments in digital photography. At its simplest, HDR is nothing more than a series of field and postproduction techniques to increase the overall range of luminance values captured and reproduced in a scene. HDR imaging techniques can eradicate clipping, minimize noise and pull up exceptional detail and color throughout an increased luminance range. Depending on your vision, the HDR process can produce subtle and photorealistic results or extreme surrealistic images that blur the line between “photo” and “graphic.”

Setting The Stage
Environmental portraits tell a story with setting, props and creative light
Setting The StageEnvironmental portraits—photographs of people in a surrounding that relates to who they are or what they do—have been the staple of newspaper and magazine photographs since the halftone process enabled images to be reproduced in those mediums. Early practitioners such as Yousuf Karsh and Arnold Newman traveled the world, combining their incredible sense of composition and attention to detail with masterful lighting setups.

Get The Right Light
Finding and creating soft, flattering light for portraiture
Get The Right LightOne general question I’m asked frequently while teaching photo workshops is, “How can I improve my images?” Participants expect to hear answers like, “Try a different lens,” or, “Change the composition.” True, these things may help, but many times I reply, “Try shooting the subject in better light.”

Once Upon A Time In The West
Re-create the look of early photo printing techniques
Once Upon A Time In The WestHowdy, pardner! I’m glad you could join the posse in the search to rustle up new creative imaging ideas. You’re riding with some talented folks. By now you may have guessed that, like many kids who grew up in the 1950s, I have the soul of a cowboy rustling around inside me.

Polaroid In The Digital Age
As a favorite film of many photographers is discontinued, learn how to keep the creative look alive in the digital darkroom
Polaroid In The Digital Age

“Due to marketplace conditions, Polaroid has discontinued almost all of its instant analog hardware products. Polaroid has also made the difficult decision to cease manufacturing of instant film products in 2008.” This announcement by Polaroid was an arrow through the hearts of many visual artists around the globe.

Shooting Indoor Events
Tips to make the most of low-light photography
Shooting Indoor Events

Photographing a stage show basically is an exercise in photographing in a low-light, nonflash situation. I took these photos of a stage performance of the Rising Sun musical and dance troupe in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. You can use the same tips and techniques for photographing any stage performance, even one in your neighborhood, because all of the same principles apply.

10 Ingredients For Successful Images
A digital recipe for smokin’ photos
10 Ingredients For Successful Images

If you're in the mood to cook up some sumptuous photographs, here's a quick 10-step recipe that I think you'll find appetizing. To illustrate this article, I'll use photographs that I took on a recent trip to Papua New Guinea. While some of you may not get to (or may not want to go to) that exotic destination, the same ingredients can be used to create images that will quench your photographic thirst in any location. Let's dig in!

Golden Light Photography
Use the warm light of the “magic hours” to your advantage
Golden Light Photography

The magic hours—the hours immediately after sunrise and just before sunset—are times of amazing light for photography. The time is brief, but the great thing is that twice a day, every day, there's a generous helping of breathtaking ambient light that's complemented by the dramatic backgrounds and mood of the rising and setting sun.

Photo Workout: Flex Your Photographic Skills
Try these five exercises for strengthening your core photo techniques
Photo Workout: Flex Your Photographic Skills

How do you become a better photographer? You can read articles in magazines like PCPhoto, study books and attend workshops. All of these pursuits will help you learn new and improved techniques for photography.

Exploring Focal Lengths
Changing your focal length can do much more than simply give you a wider or more telephoto shot
Exploring Focal Lengths

How much thought have you given to that lens on your camera? Most lenses today are zooms, and photographers use that zoom to get more or less of a scene, but your lens is capable of a lot more. Understanding lenses will help you better use any lens you own (even if it's the one permanently attached to your camera), as well as buy new ones as you need them.

Exposure Creativity
Six techniques to use motion for exciting photos
Exposure Creativity

Are you sure you want to do this? I holler to my friend Patrick above the thunderous roar of the waterfall. He gives me a thumbs-up and a smile. One mistake, and Patrick is going to get seriously injured—or worse.


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