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Learn digital camera techniques and tips that will help you flex your creative skills as well as improve the quality of your images.

Whether it’s your focal subject or a supporting element, these quick tips will get your feet wet
WaterWater can be a deep subject. But seriously, it’s photographically fascinating. It takes on so many different forms, you could build an entire portfolio around it.

Light Noir
How Britton Black creates intriguing, mysterious images through dramatic lighting and color
Light NoirThough it may seem that Britton Black’s exciting portfolio of finely crafted, atmospheric images are the result of meticulous postprocessing, his unique “film-noir” style is performed almost entirely in the real world.

Overexposing Raw
Maximize the RAW workflow advantage by overexposing your photos
Overexposing RawMost photographers try to make the perfect exposure every time. But there’s a school of thought that says photographers who capture RAW files would do better to slightly overexpose.

The Art Of Selective Focus
Use creative focus techniques to direct attention and add mystery and mood to your images
The Art Of Selective FocusSave the planet. Stop world hunger. Eliminate poverty. These mottos bounced around in my naive brain as I entered journalism school years ago.

Go Ultra Wide!
Composing successfully, controlling distortion and choosing the right lens for stunning wide-angle perspectives
Go Ultra Wide!Ultrawide lenses are usually defined as lenses 20mm or shorter in full-frame 35mm-film-equivalent terms.

Creative Flash
Five ways to use flash attachments and accessories for pro lighting effects
Creative FlashThe word is finally out: TTL flash is a powerful tool to improve your photography, and easier to use than ever before. Modern TTL flashes are loaded with useful features and can even work wirelessly from your camera.

Master Depth Of Field
Learn how to place and control your depth of field for creative focus control
Master Depth Of FieldDepth of field (DOF) seems like a pretty straightforward thing, right?

10 Top Portrait Tips
How to pose and compose for character-revealing photos
10 Top Portrait TipsSince no single pose is perfect for every model, professional or otherwise, each person before your lens should be looked at individually to decide what to highlight and what to hide.

10 Tips For Better Travel Photos
Bring home great shots of your once-in-a-lifetime adventures
10 Tips For Better Travel PhotosWhether you’re headed to the big city nearby or across an ocean, shooting on location is a lot of fun, and full of photographic possibilities. These tips will help prepare you to make the most of your camera as you explore.

Secrets Of Black & White
Learn to see and shoot differently for your best monochrome images ever
Secrets Of Black & WhiteIn recent years, black-and-white has gained new attention and appreciation. Software makers are offering increasingly capable tools for custom black-and-white conversions, and most photo printers address the unique needs of black-and-white printing with special inks and settings. Use the following tips to help you create distinctive black-and-white images.

The ISO Advantage
How to use the excellent high-ISO performance of today’s cameras
The ISO AdvantageI recently returned from photographing brown bears along the Katmai coast of Alaska.


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