Athletes And Their Environment

Using the great outdoors and the natural world to humanize athlete portraits
Text & Photography By DL Byron
It was like glitter had been thrown on the climb—shiny, bright bikes and multicolored jerseys sparkling between mileposts on Las Flores Canyon Road outside Malibu, California, while the Rally Cycling professional Continental cycling team warmed up at spring training camp. On assignment to document the start of the team’s season,…

My Own Backyard

Become a better landscape photographer by practicing these techniques without traveling far afield
Text & Photography By Tracey Clark
I live in Suburbia, plain and simple. The streets in my Southern California town have been plotted out in a grid formation, with strip malls on most corners and tract homes that resemble one another. Besides the beach being only a few miles away (my favorite part of living here),…

Accelerate Time

How to create stunning time-lapse video with a process that has become easier than ever
Text & Photography By Tom Bol
“NEVER SAY NEVER.” I absolutely love still photography. In fact, my family probably would tell you I’m obsessed with taking photographs. There’s something almost indescribable about the magic, power and expression a still photograph can convey. Every day I grab my camera and seek out an image that moves me…

10 Lessons For Your Best Landscape Photographs

Tips and techniques for more creative compositions of the natural world
Text & Photography By Rick Sammon
“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer—and often the supreme disappointment.” —ANSEL ADAMS I open this article with this quote from Ansel Adams, perhaps the most famous landscape photographer of all time, for a good reason: It’s so true. Yes, in the field, landscape photography can be great…

Light Fantastic

Capturing the magic of nighttime photography
Text & Photography By Meredith Winn
Exploring the world at night with your camera opens up many fun opportunities to play with exposure. Chasing light outside is an excellent way to learn more about your camera settings while creating artistic images. Long exposures, bokeh effects and painting with light are just a few ways to get…

Focus On The Details

Create unique images of the natural world using your smartphone
Text & Photography By Meredith Winn
Photography is a powerful tool. We wield our cameras with the possibility to share a different perspective of the world. In this day of instant everything, I find myself taking a majority of daily photos with my smartphone. This little device has become a great resource for documentation, and it…
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