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Friday, March 27, 2009

You Are Here

The accidental travel photography of L.A.’s most notable tourist

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“I don’t have a goal,” Schall explains. “Photography is like eating or breathing since I’m young. I always take a camera with me—even at offshore work or on oil tankers. At the age of 12, I started with a big series of storage buildings in our local inland port. Then I did of lot of city scenes in my hometown, Stuttgart, over the years. I traveled to London and Paris to take photos in my early 20s. After the Wall came down in 1989, I traveled to Berlin a lot and took hundreds of black-and-white photos of the buildings in East Berlin. When I was in Iran and Egypt earlier this year, it was natural to go around and take photos on Fridays or in my free time until the plane took off.”

you are hereSchall wants nothing beyond simply sharing his photographs—and these unique buildings—with an interested audience. He’s happy with the balance he has achieved.

“I’m very happy with my accidental travel photography,” Schall says. “I was on the first page of The L.A. Times without killing somebody; that’s pretty good for a foreigner. Los Angeles will have something new for me to discover every year. If not, I’ll have no problem to come only for the steaks.”

Martin Schall had hoped to return to Los Angeles in 2008, but oil-industry changes have increased his work obligations. He’s unsure of his travel plans. Visit www.you-are-here.com to view his images.


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