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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friends, Fans and Followers

Use social media to build a following and share new photos instantly

Flickr is one of the most popular photo-sharing sites in the world, and while technically it’s not a social media site, there just isn’t a more active online community of photographers anywhere online.

With a variety of ways to share your images, you can submit shots and receive detailed feedback and notes from other users. Flickr is an incredible resource for tips, tricks and new techniques, and Groups can be set up to be centered on any amount of themes or subject matter. Flickr connects to Facebook and Twitter, and allows embedding on blogging platforms, and you can upload images directly from a variety of popular image-management software like Apple Aperture, iPhoto, Picasa and Windows Live Gallery.

A basic Flickr account is free, but photographers should upgrade to a Flickr Pro account for just under $25 a year, which gives them unlimited uploads, storage, and sets and collections, as well as statistics for tracking your account and page views. You can use a Flickr Pro account to host the images that appear on your own site, as well, which saves on bandwidth and could potentially cut hosting costs.

Flickr is so popular that some businesses are using it as a stock sales site, as well, but be sure to protect your images with proper licensing and fees if you’re approached to sell an image.

Twitter’s advantage is its speed and ease of use. With its 140-character-or-less post limits, the site is king of direct communication to a select few or a large crowd. The service more or less works in the same way that a text message does, only the text goes out globally to whoever is following you on the site, which could range into the thousands.

Just as with blogging, you can choose to center your tweets on a specific area of photography or just talk about your work (and your life) in general. For images, you can upload your shots via intertwined services like TwitPic or yfrog.


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