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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friends, Fans and Followers

Use social media to build a following and share new photos instantly

Blogging is a great way for photographers to participate in the World Wide Web, and many popular photographer/bloggers like to use their sites to showcase their work while also discussing the nuts and bolts of their photography.

The good news? Setting up a blog can be as easy as signing up for a free account at popular blogging host sites like Blogger (also referred to as Blogspot), Tumblr (an easy-to-use image blog format) or WordPress (which provides the most options). The bad news? Setting up a blog is as easy as signing up for a free account, which translates to a very crowded market.

The keys to blogging and being heard above all the other voices out there is to be dedicated to the time involved behind blogging and at the same time post original imagery or generate interesting commentary about an area of photography that other photographers haven’t oversaturated. One important point: Once you start, you need to maintain a regular flow of posts—the following you attract will wander away if you don’t give them a reason to keep coming back.

All of these sites provide templates that allow you to customize your blog, and you often can match it to the overall aesthetics of your own site for seamless integration. Many photographers who blog use their blogging site as their principal website, too. Blog platforms make it easy for photographers to add content and update the look of the site without needing web-design skills. Consistent updating also assists in search-engine optimization. More active sites will rate higher than static ones. Blogs include the most sophisticated traffic analysis, usually through Google Analytics.

With more than 500 million active users, Facebook is the most popular social media site on the web and offers powerful marketing possibilities. Facebook gives photographers a personal profile that includes basic image galleries, free image hosting and free access to the pages of friends and fans. The site also includes Facebook Pages for a more professional profile, which allows you to set yourself or your studio up as a business on the site. (You’ll also need a regular profile to manage a business profile.)

Facebook is unique in that the company has access to its users’ personal information and data, and using the focused ads on the site is a great way to gain direct access to a client or fan base that’s likely to fit your demographic. Prices start at as little as a dollar, and you can set up a budget to work that limits spending by day or by lifetime.


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