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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friends, Fans and Followers

Use social media to build a following and share new photos instantly

The Internet is an invaluable tool for sharing your images, with countless ways to engage your fan base, drum up client interest and get instant feedback on new photos or commentary on works in progress. Getting your photography noticed is another matter, however. Social media provides photographers with new and simple ways to reach an audience. The best part? Most of them do so free of charge.

With online galleries and, in some cases, direct marketing opportunities, there are certain advantages that seem tailor-made for photographers. Another important advantage to social networks is that they’re often ranked higher than other sites by search engines like Google, giving you a leg up on search-engine optimization that provides direct traffic to your profile.

Social media won’t often produce direct income, but it can work in other ways to get you jobs and ultimately more revenue. That being said, most social media sites and templates are similar in nature and basic structure.

To drive traffic to your site, just as you would with your own website, you’ll need to tag photos with relevant information about the subject matter of your photo—tags like portraiture, fashion and the name of models or the people who have worked on the images, including your own name.

Social media also gives photographers a way to engage their audience. Regular updates are important for bringing traffic in and bringing visitors back. At the same time, there’s a flood of information on the web, and you don’t want to annoy your followers with constant updates that they don’t find relevant. Finding a nice mix of consistent updates that don’t overwhelm will come down to trial and error; there’s not a perfect science to it.

Internet tastes are also fickle, and a home website is still incredibly important to maintain because it gives photographers a consistent base that can serve as the center for all of these different portals to the web. Many of these services are complimentary, but it’s important to realize that you have a finite amount of time, and while the shotgun approach of using all of these may work for photographers who like to sit in front of the computer all day, it’s sometimes best to focus on one area in the social media arena and to excel at it.


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