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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Digital Slideshows Made Easy: Projecting Slideshows

Get out the screen and turn down the lights—now the classic slideshow can be updated with modern digital projectors

Projecting Slideshows

The slideshow in a darkened room is a long tradition with photographers. Of course, slideshows range from the interminable travel shows from untalented relatives to spectacular programs using two projectors showing images that dissolve from one to another, all synced to music.

Today, the computer gives us the chance to do much more of the latter, and we don't need a lot of gear to do it. Yet, one of the big stumbling blocks to doing the full-on darkened-room show has been the cost of digital projectors, which until recently were very expensive. Today, good projectors can be found starting at approximately $1,000.

Now, it's true that a $1,000 projector today does have its limitations. Some photo purists would have you believe that these just won't do—you have to buy something with more capability. Personally, I'd love to be able to buy a high-end projector, but I can't. So I've tried the lower-priced models, and guess what-they work! There's just something spectacular about projecting your digital images in a darkened room to sizes 3x5 feet or more. I recently tried this out with Epson's new PowerLite S1, and everyone watching the short shows I presented loved them. This is a low-priced projector with limited resolution that many tell you couldn't be used for this purpose. I'll tell you that my audience would challenge that idea, though I didn't try to project the images too large.


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