Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Create A Web Gallery

By Wes Pitts Published in Photo Sharing
Create A Web Gallery
Aperture's Web Page creation is fast and easy. Right-click on an Album, select New > Web Page and drag and drop selected images onto the page. Aperture automatically creates the HTML and other files you need to upload to your site.


In Aperture, creating a web gallery is a little different. Instead of a menu command, you create your galley as a subset of an existing project folder. Right-click on the project that contains the photos you want to use and select New > Web Page.

Next, in the image browser, select all of the images you want to include and drag and drop them as a group onto the icon for the web page in the Projects pane. Now all of your images are added to the gallery page. Click to edit the default titles and copyright info and set the number of columns and rows and image sizes with the controls at the top of the workspace. When you're satisfied, click Export Web Pages, and Aperture will automatically create a folder on your desktop with all of the files you need to upload to your website's root folder.

Using An Online Service

If you're not ready to work with your own domain and web hosting, there are plenty of options for sharing your photos online. Free services like Flickr do a nice job, but they're pretty basic.

Online services like ExpressDigital's PhotoReflect.com make it easy to set up a professional site complete with e-commerce.

If you want to sell your photos, you're probably better off with a complete solution like those offered by SimplePhoto (www.simplephoto.com), liveBooks (www.livebooks.com), Digital Railroad (www.digitalrailroad.net) and ExpressDigital's PhotoReflect.com (www.photoreflect.com).

These solutions can be expensive, so they're not for everyone, but they make it easy to create attractive e-commerce sites and offer tools to help manage your photo business. If you're a working photographer and you know you want to put your business online, explore these options first and then decide which approach to the web is best for you.

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