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Monday, August 25, 2008

Build Your Own Web Gallery

A step-by-step guide with screenshots for building your first website

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STEP 2: Organize Your File Folders

A website is organized as a folder of files and subfolders. The main folder of your website is called the "root". This is a folder on your hosting server where all the data for your site is stored, and is the folder to which we will later upload everything.

You'll keep a copy of all of the files for your site on your computer, so we need to build the file structure. You can store this anywhere you like on your computer. I like to be organized, so I create my basic file structure first, before I start generating content.

So, create a new folder called "My Website" or whatever, and inside of it, create another folder called "images". Note that I used lowercase for the folder name; it's good practice to use lowercase for every file name for the web to avoid potential problems. Also, never use spaces in a file name for your website. If you need several words in the title of a file, join them with a hyphen.

Inside the folder "images", create two more folders: "navigation" and "photos". These folders are where we'll store all of the graphics for the pages.


Contents of the folder "images" I created on my desktop, with subdirectories.


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