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Quick Fix

From digital photo restoration to fine-art conversion, Rick Sammon's Quick Fix column can help you create a masterpiece -- or at least take a truly great photo.

Expand Your Range
Using common photoshop adjustments for dynamic range enhancements
Expand Your RangeLook, ma! No HDR (high-dynamic-range) program or HDR plug-in! That’s right, HDR fans.

Exposure Rescues
Save a good shot from a bad exposure
Exposure RescuesA confession: I’ve made every photo mistake in the book. But, hey, I’ve been at this game for 331⁄3 years.

Seeing The Big Picture
Use panoramas to open up tight spaces
Seeing The Big PicturePanoramas usually are associated with sweeping landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes.

HDR To The Rescue
High dynamic range saves the day in high-contrast situations
HDR To The RescueI guess I could have entitled this column, “Ricky’s Believe It or Not!” but “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” already has the corner on fascinating and intriguing stories—and has had that corner since I used to read the column of the same name in the Sunday comics in the 1950s at my grandmother’s apartment.

From Flat To Fab
How basic Photoshop CS4 enhancements can save a shot
From Flat To Fab This is a bad news/good news story—one with a happy ending. This past November, I had the opportunity to travel to the bottom of the world to photograph emperor penguins. It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. I planned this trip to Antarctica for a year, and couldn’t wait for the day that I’d be on the ice photographing these magnificent animals.

Quality Of Light
Change the direction, color and mood of the light in your images
Quality Of LightYou may not believe it at first, but all the photographs in this issue of PCPhoto have something in common. That something in common is, of course, light.

Thinking Ahead For Better Photos
Envision the end result, and you’ll see your world differently
Thinking Ahead For Better Photos Ansel Adams, one of the greatest photographers of all time, was big on thinking ahead, or as he put it, envisioning the end result. I’m also big on envisioning the end result, as illustrated by the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco that I used to open this column. It’s one of my favorite images from a recent trip.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Photos
Cool enhancements for jazzing up digital images
Rock ‘n’ Roll Photos

Check out my photograph of a young musician who was performing at a local park. My son thinks the photo rocks. He likes the spotlights shining on the subject, the blurred motion of the rocker’s hands and guitar, and the red-hot border that frames the image. He also likes the way I composed the picture, tilting my camera down to one side to create what’s called the disequilibrium effect. What’s more, he likes the way the young rocker is brighter than the background, which makes him stand out prominently in the scene.

Add A Creative Touch To Your Pictures
Artistic expressions are only a few clicks away
Add A Creative Touch To Your Pictures

We all strive for pictures that look unique, artistic and creative. That goes for when they're framed and hung on a wall, when they're posted on the web, and maybe even when they're published in a book or magazine article. One creative idea is to add emphasis to the main or central subject in an image. Another is to dress up the image with a digital frame or border. In this column, we'll cover a few easy techniques for accomplishing both goals—and more.

Adventures In Aperture
Apple’s aperture offers cool creative enhancements easily
Adventures In Aperture

I made this image during my trip to Carnevale in Venice, Italy, this year. Sure, the model is terrific, and the location, an 800-year-old palace, is fantastic. From a technical standpoint, the image is super-sharp, the lighting is flattering and well balanced, the colors are vibrant, and the tight crop draws attention to the subject.

Favorite Plug-Ins
Try this software solution for a jolt of creative inspiration

quick fixPhotoshop and Photoshop Elements, in addition to other digital image-editing programs, offer photographers many filters and adjustments to expand their creative horizons. The creative process can be enhanced further by using plug-ins.


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