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Quick Fix

From digital photo restoration to fine-art conversion, Rick Sammon's Quick Fix column can help you create a masterpiece -- or at least take a truly great photo.

A Better Background
Change the background for a cooler image
A Better BackgroundIn photography, the background can make or break a shot.

The Dramatic Portrait
Adding visual punch to a flat image
The Dramatic PortraitWe can take many different types of portraits: soft, dramatic, pleasing, fun, low-key, high-key and so on.

Removing Reality
Two ways to creatively alter what the camera captured
Removing RealityIn this column, I'll share with you a simple technique for removing reality using Photoshop.

Fix Creative Fatigue
Tips to help you break out of an artistic slump
Fix Creative FatigueI've been having a blast writing this column for Digital Photo for many years, offering mostly technical tips on digital photography and digital image processing. In the future, I'll continue to talk tech, but for now I'd like to offer some tips on a quick fix for those who have creative fatigue—photographers who feel as though they're in a slump and need some inspiration.

Sunrise & Sunset
Making and enhancing photos of the spectacular colors at the ends of the day
Sunrise & SunsetWe all enjoy experiencing beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Think Like A Painter
Kickstart creativity by approaching photography with a new mind-set
Think Like A PainterWhen I give a workshop, I stress to my students the idea of thinking like a painter because painters see and paint light on canvas in a unique and artistic way.

Drab To Fab
Basic adjustments you can make for big impact!
Drab To FabIn this installment of Quick Fix, I'll cover some of my favorite Photoshop features.

Supersize Me
Solutions for upsizing photos with small objects
Supersize MeDoes this sound familiar? You get a great shot of a subject, but the subject doesn't fill the frame.

HDR Without HDR Software
How to expand the dynamic range of a single exposure
HDR Without HDR SoftwareOkay, I admit it. I used the title for this column to grab your attention.

Background Control
Quickly create a better backdrop for your subject with software
Background ControlWhen I give a photography workshop or a seminar, I tell the students and attendees that the background is just as important as the main subject.

RAW Advantage
Why RAW rules and Photoshop Elements rocks
RAW Advantage"RAW rules!" is one of the daily chants at my workshops.


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