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Quick Fix

From digital photo restoration to fine-art conversion, Rick Sammon's Quick Fix column can help you create a masterpiece -- or at least take a truly great photo.

Playing With Color
Add or remove color for more creative images
Playing With ColorIn Photoshop and in Lightroom, as well as in most image-editing apps, we can control the color in our photographs.

From Flat To Fairy Tale
Use special-effects software—and your imagination—to add feeling to an image
From Flat To Fairy TaleWhen I teach digital enhancements, I suggest to my students that the subject itself often recommends a certain special effect, filter or plug-in.

Dramatic Portrait Light
Turn a snapshot into a cool shot with simple, creative lighting
Dramatic Portrait LightThere's an old adage about portraiture: If you want an interesting portrait, don't light the entire subject.

Black-And-White Magic
Try monochrome conversion for a dramatic effect
Black-And-White MagicI usually give how-to advice in this column, and I'll do that here.

The Painterly Image
Add artistic appeal to—or even alter the reality of—a favorite photo
The Painterly ImageFor most photographers, taking pictures is only a part of the creative image-making process.

Painting With Light
Use this technique to turn flat portraits into fab portraits
Painting With LightThis installment of "Quick Fix" is about creating a dramatic portrait using a technique called painting with light.

Black & White Basics
What you need to know to make the best black-and-white images
Black & White BasicsMaking black-and-white images is easier than ever, thanks to black-and-white adjustments in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as black-and-white plug-ins like Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro, Perfect B&W from onOne Software and Topaz Labs' B&W Effects.

Some quick fixes and tips for making beautiful images of moving water
WaterfallsThis Quick Fix installment is a bit different from my past columns.

The Beauty Is In The Details
Quick tips to getting the most out of your pictures
The Beauty Is In The DetailsOur eyes are amazing light receptors—much more amazing than even the top-of-the-line digital SLRs.

On-Location Portrait Fixes
Two ways to enhance portraits taken outside the studio
On-Location Portrait FixesWe all enjoy creating on-location portraits.


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