Friday, September 30, 2005

The Better Print

Getting a good print today has become the norm with the latest digital cameras and printers. While you still may have some challenges, printer manufacturers, in particular, have worked hard to give users the ability to create outstanding prints. Now it's time to move beyond simply outputting a good print. I want to help you find ways to make your prints better express what you saw when you took the picture and how you felt about the subject.

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The Better Print

Look For Distractions. It's amazing how some distractions (such as dust on the sensor) can hide on the image displayed on the monitor, but show up all too well on the print.

Final Thoughts
You may have to make several work prints until your image looks its best. The hype of digital printing and color management implies perfect prints from the start. You can get good prints quickly, but better and best prints come from making multiple test prints. It's actually far faster and cheaper to do several work prints with the digital darkroom than in the traditional wet darkroom, especially concerning color prints.

Sometimes, it takes a print to help you see an image for what it really is. Consider that for all the hype of e-books, people still like to read the physical book. A book in the hand is a very different experience than a book on a monitor. The same goes for photographs.


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