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Whether you're using a professional lab, or printing digital photos yourself, here you'll find all the digital photo printing tips you need to make your work shine.

Underground Soul
Chase Jarvis captures the essence of Seattle subculture with a gritty, human aesthetic
Underground SoulIn this video, photographer Chase Jarvis talks about his Seattle 100 Project, documenting the underground culture of the city, and the process of creating prints for the exhibition of the Project.

World Traveler
Transporting viewers through the fine art of print making
World TravelerCapturing iconic locations around the world for National Geographic Expeditions, photographer Jim Richardson set out on an amazing journey.

Surreal Motion
Freezing the fluidity of dance with split-second exposures
Surreal MotionLois Greenfield's stunning images of dancers seem impossible.

Symphony For The Eyes
Vincent Versace explains why the print is his ultimate photographic expression
Symphony For The EyesCreating stunning prints of your best photographs is not only the pinnacle of photographic expression.

Larger Than Life
How large format prints enhance the impact of Steve McCurry's intimate portraits
Larger Than LifeRenown photographer Steve McCurry talks about connecting with his subjects.

Master B&W Printing
Tips for creating stunning monochrome prints
Master B&W PrintingMaking a great black-and-white print starts with successful exposure and processing, but it doesn't end there.

Print From The Cloud
Using local network and online services to print remotely from computers, tablets or smartphones
Print From The CloudMobile devices have been a boon for photographers because they've brought portable portfolios to the road and instant connectivity for building fan bases, keeping up with social media and maintaining business workflows no matter where you're located throughout the world.

Key Steps to A Better Print
Good printing is a craft that requires attention to detail
Key Steps to A Better PrintPrinting photographs well is both an art and a science. The science of printing involves all of the technology made for inks, papers and printers. It also includes monitor calibration, color profiles and other printing technology built into your software and computer.

Your Best Prints Ever
Tips for getting pro results from inkjet printers and papers
Your Best Prints EverNothing gives a photograph more impact than a high-quality print. Printing today is easier than ever, with a number of options available for lab-quality prints on a wide variety of media types, but selecting the right printer, paper and ink type for your needs is more complicated. The good news is that it’s hard to go wrong with any of the major printers as long as you choose the one that’s most suited for your type of work.

Print Smarter
Use ICC profiles to take the guesswork out of printing
Print SmarterPrinting is one of those areas of digital photography that lead to baldness. Seeing a photo on paper, and often expensive paper, that looks nothing like the image on screen will have you pulling your hair out—hence, the baldness problem. There are a few ways to keep your hair and ensure that you're getting the best possible print.

Pro Tips: Black-And-White
The classic look of monochrome is as popular as ever. Here’s how to get the best results.
Pro Tips: Black-And-WhiteGetting good black-and-white prints used to mean mixing batches of chemicals, being secluded in a darkened room, calculating exposure times, dodging and burning, then finally watching an image magically appear out of the developer soup onto a sheet of paper. While digital photography made it easier to get images without the effort or cost of processing film, it wasn't until the last few years that software applications and, more importantly, inkjet printers were equipped to handle the ever-growing desire of photographers to create and print black-and-white images that rival—or sometimes exceed—what once was the domain of the traditional darkroom.


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