Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stories Through Sequence

One photo can tell a story. The elements within the frame convey feelings through composition, light, texture and color.
By Xanthe Berkeley Of Shutter Sisters Published in Point Of Focus
Stories Through Sequence

More Series & Sequence Ideas

Here are some additional concepts for sequence projects to inspire you

365—A Photo A Day For A Year: Take an image every day. It can be random, or it can follow a theme like "The daily gratitude project."

Take A Photo Every Hour: Make a record of your daily routine, creating an image to represent each hour of the day.

100 Strangers: Over the course of time approach strangers to photograph; this can be rewarding on so many levels.

Same Place, Different Time: Document a favorite spot and see how different it looks over the course of a day.

Self-Portraits Over A Year: Photograph yourself every single day from the same angle in the same position.

Time-Lapse: Photograph something that usually happens too slowly to see, like the sun setting or the tide coming in, and thread the images together in a video.

Pregnancy: Photograph each week as the baby grows.

Actionsampler: Lomo makes a camera called the Actionsampler with multiple lenses, which exposes the frames in sequence. Fun!

SHUTTER SISTERS is a collaborative photo blog ( and a thriving community of women, passionate about photography. Photographer and writer Xanthe Berkeley is a contributor to Shutter Sisters and also can be found online at

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