Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Project 365

January is a time of reflection.
By Meredith Winn Of Shutter Sisters Published in Point Of Focus
Project 365

Tips For Staying On Task With Your 365 Project:

1 | Bring your camera with you everywhere, always.
2 | Check your battery level each night. Charge it overnight so you're ready to start shooting first thing in the morning.
3 | Keep a notebook handy with thoughts or ideas that come to mind. Take note of locations you want to revisit later.
4 | Take at least one shot in the morning. This might be all you get to before the day ends! The morning shot is what kept me true to my project.
5 | Take photo walks with friends or by yourself. A lunch break from work is best when a camera is in your hand.
6 | Surround yourself with supportive friends. Join other photographers on their 365 Project journey; Shutter Sisters 365 and Project 365 are both active Flickr groups. Online communities can offer challenges to keep your creativity flowing for 365 days.
7 | Don't be afraid to shoot the same subject again and again.
8 | Invest in a camera bag you want to have with you each day. My Epiphanie camera bag doubles as my purse, so that my camera is readily available wherever I am.
9 | Trust that your creativity will ebb and flow. Watch the patterns in your photography. Some weeks will produce less-than-quality results and other weeks will be the source of multiple "best of" shots!
10 | Never say never. It's always possible to create an image out of nothing at all, even at midnight.
11 | Take this opportunity to really learn and understand your camera settings, and try new techniques.
12 | Be prepared to go through a variety of emotions pertaining to this project and your photography—including excitement and disdain! A 365 Project is a great commitment. It will push your creativity to new levels, and you'll come out a better photographer for it.
Photographer and writer Meredith Winn is a contributing editor to SHUTTER SISTERS. She also can be found writing on her blog, the-spirit-of-the-river, at www.meredithwinn.wordpress.com.

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