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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creating Space

The positive aspects of negative space

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Photographer and writer Meredith Winn is a contributing editor to SHUTTER SISTERS and also can be found writing on her blog, the~spirit~of~the~river, at www.meredithwinn.wordpress.com.
Balance plays well together with white space. Balance is what makes a photograph look and feel harmonious. It's the feeling your image evokes. Balance, composition, space and light: Each one of these elements of photography has a certain amount of value in direct relation to all the other elements. Just like us, they're all connected. Without them the image lacks emotion, the subject falls off the page, the viewer loses interest in the subject, or the moment has passed.

All of these thoughts swirl around in my brain as I compose a single image. It's a lot to think about! Composition is key for visual storytelling. As you put your eye to the viewfinder, the world becomes your canvas. White space can be one of the most important tools you use that helps set your photographic stage.

Tips For Creating Space

1. Try to keep your focus on only one subject and the white space that surrounds it. Avoid too many subjects in a single picture.
2. De-clutter! Only then will your subject (supported by open space) have the room it requires to evoke emotion.
3. Focus your camera on the subject, yet remain mindful of the surroundings, as well. Equal attention should be given to the background—it's the stage on which your subject stands.
4. Space should create balance and complement the subject.
5. White space doesn't need to be white.
6. Look for simplicity.
7. Shoot the same subject from a variety of angles. Walk around, move your feet, adjust your height, squat down—recompose the subject until you've eliminated as many distractions from the foreground or background as possible.

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