Friday, April 26, 2013

A Perspective Least Expected

Early on in my career as a photographer, I found certain things that I most enjoyed about the job.
By Tracey Clark Of Shutter Sisters Published in Point Of Focus
A Perspective Least Expected

Try these techniques as you approach your subject to find a new way to see them and a new way to frame them in your lens.

The Ground Up. Looking at the world from the ground up isn't usually our way of looking at the world. Using this point of view opens up an entirely new perspective and can yield surprisingly wonderful results. Taking the eye view from someone or something much smaller than we are brings to light something we rarely see, being at ground level. The world is an entirely new place when you look at it from the ground up.

Dizzying Heights. Shooting straight up at the sky can offer something different and even dizzying. The sky is perhaps one of the most inspirational muses there is. Shooting up at the sky can offer a unique shot every time, especially when you incorporate other elements within the sky (clouds, sun, treetops or skyscrapers). Placing them within the sky with deliberate intention is the key to an interesting shot.

Using Light. Light changes everything. It can bring a subject to life by illumination, contour, highlights, shade and shadows. Learning to use the light always will be your best photographic strategy. Light is always present; the object is to see it and use it to your subject's advantage.

Seeing The Unseen. There are a great many things that are passed by and overlooked each day. Become an observer of your world, and new subjects and ideas will be everywhere. By seeing them and capturing them in your photographs, you can share with the rest of the world all the beauty and wonder that surrounds them. As a photographer, there's nothing better than shining the light on something no one has ever seen before.

SHUTTER SISTERS is a collaborative photo blog ( and thriving community of women, passionate about photography. Photographer, author, teacher Tracey Clark ( is the founder of Shutter Sisters and the author of Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood (Focal Press).

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