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Point Of Focus

From quick shooting tips to insights on composition and lighting, Digital Photo's hot new column "Point Of Focus" will help you become a better photographer.

Underwater World
Bring your summer vacation photos underwater with you
Underwater WorldAs an everyday photographer, I'm drawn to capture the watery reflective mood and shared experience of swimming.

Art Of The Diptych
When two is better than one
Art Of The DiptychWe strive in photography to shoot "the shot," often concentrating on one singular image at a time.

Discovering Magic
How a happy accident can unlock new photo techniques
Discovering MagicI've always enjoyed shooting out of focus (on purpose) for images that feel more like dreams than reality.

The Landscape Of Black-And-White
Stripping away the obviousness of color can lead to creative insights
The Landscape Of Black-And-WhiteLiving in a Southern California beach community comes with a lot of things, or perhaps better said, a lot of trade-offs.

Delicious Memories
Real-life food photography at home
Delicious MemoriesWith the booming age of food photography, foodie blogging, cookbooks and food stylists, where does this leave the everyday cook?

The Essence Of Place
Move past the obvious and obligatory to make more expressive images
The Essence Of PlaceWhen I was 18, I traveled to Japan to tour with a dance company.

From The Window Seat
Find inspiration in aerial views on your next flight
From The Window SeatWith no expectations or agenda, I literally watched as the world went by and periodically snapped pictures of the mysterious and multifaceted skyscapes from my window seat.

A Perspective Least Expected
Look for new ways to compose everyday subjects
A Perspective Least ExpectedEarly on in my career as a photographer, I found certain things that I most enjoyed about the job.

Silhouettes: Shapes In The Light
Use strong backlighting to create dramatic compositions
Silhouettes: Shapes In The LightAs photographers, we generally fixate on things such as focus and light, making sure our subjects are correctly lit, allowing for details to be crisp and clear.

Project 365
Embark on a photographic journey through an entire year
Project 365January is a time of reflection.


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