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Organizing digital photos is no simple task. Our articles on digital workflow can show you how to organize your images.

Basic Tech: Photo Security
For a small investment, you can ensure your photo library will survive almost any calamity
Basic Tech: Photo SecurityEvery photographer should take backups seriously. Unlike a crashed hard drive, photos aren’t replaceable.

Backup Strategy
Five steps to ensure you never lose an image
Backup StrategyPro photographers are masters of archiving and safekeeping their photos. They have to be—losing a saleable image can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars of lost revenue. And when you consider that a typical working pro may capture thousands of images a month, a plan is needed to ensure that images are securely stored and backed up quickly and easily, with no room for error.

Get It Together
Displaying, sharing and carrying your photos and media by getting digital products to play nicely with each other
Get It Together

We've come a long way from sharing photos with a slide projector over muffled yawns. Our digital photos can move from camera to computer to phone to iPod and be shared instantly with practically anyone, anywhere. With all of the options for sharing and displaying images, we've gathered the essential gear you'll need for a variety of sharing situations. Here are some suggestions on how to bring it all together.

Digital Workflow In 20 Easy Steps
Improve your efficiency in the digital darkroom
Digital Workflow In 20 Easy Steps

When I think about my days in the darkroom, I realized I achieved consistently good results when I methodically followed specific steps. With traditional printing, even a small variation in time, temperature or chemistry could make a significant difference in the look of a print.


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