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Monday, January 29, 2007

Trade Tricks: Layer Masks

Gain more control over your photos with this key image-processing tool

Possibilities include selective sharpening (copy your image to a new layer, sharpen it, add a Layer Mask, fill it with black, then paint in just what needs to be sharpened); darkening a sky (add an Adjustment Layer to darken the sky, then use the Gradient tool to create a blended Layer Mask from white for the darkened sky to black for the unaffected ground); and opening shadows (add an Adjustment Layer to lighten shadows, fill the Layer Mask with black, then paint in the lightened shadows).



Tricks Of The Trade

One of the great tools for image adjustment is the Adjustment Layer because it can be adjusted and readjusted as much as needed, and it has a Layer Mask for extremely fine control.

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