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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Photoshop CS3

New and improved features make Photoshop faster, smarter, better looking, more fun and more inspiring. Who could ask for more?

Photoshop CS33 A more advanced Adobe Camera Raw interface streamlines workflow and offers more features. Want to speed up your workflow in Camera Raw? The new icon system (Tabs in the public beta version) helps this process, in addition to doing away with the individual check boxes for the Auto and Default settings. There are also new controls for Vibrance, Recovery, Fill Light and Blacks, making your adjustments more user-friendly. What's more, you can work with JPEG and TIFF images in Camera Raw. Who would have thought?

Photoshop CS34 The new CS3 interface makes working and playing in CS3 more fun. With a single-column toolbar (you can choose to have the traditional two-column toolbar, as shown) and new palette design, you now have more room on your monitor in which to work on your images. This redesign of the workspace, which you can customize, definitely makes working and playing in CS3 more fun—and more effective.

Photoshop CS3Photoshop CS35 New Quick Select tool offers accurate, quick selections. Hey! Didn't we see a cool Quick Select tool in Photoshop Elements 4? Yes, we did, and now we see it in CS3-only with a Refine Edge feature for easy modification of the borders of your selection (accessed by clicking on the Refine Edges in the Option Bar at the top of the screen). When you select Refine Edge, the Refine Edge dialog box opens and only your selection (the sky in the example) is shown.

Photoshop CS36 Improved Curves dialog box helps you understand and better utilize Curves. Most Photoshop experts don't use Levels for midtone adjustments, instead preferring to use Curves, which offers more control over the image. Now, with the improved Curves dialog box, Curves users (and wannabe Curves users) have even more options for creative control. Options include showing the histogram and the image's clipping warning (when parts of the image are washed out or underexposed).


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