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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Photoshop CS3

New and improved features make Photoshop faster, smarter, better looking, more fun and more inspiring. Who could ask for more?

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Photoshop CS3That's right, Photoshop fans—and Elements users who are considering moving up to Photoshop—the latest version of the world's most powerful image-editing program has just gotten better, big time! Read on, and you'll see why it's indeed faster (great for RAW shooters), smarter (if you use filters), better looking (if workspace is important to you), more fun (how cool) and more inspiring (creatively speaking) than ever.

Rather than listing some of the cool, new features in order of my personal favorites, I thought I'd start with the newly designed Bridge because that's how and where many photographers find and open their folders/pictures before working on, and playing with, an image in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.

So let's start at the beginning. To illustrate this article, I'll use some of my favorite pictures from a trip to Bhutan, along with some Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop CS3 screenshots.

Let the fun begin!

1 Redesigned Bridge makes it easier and faster to compare and select images. When you want to compare an image to the one next to it or above it in the Content window, simply click on the image, hold down the Shift key and then click on the adjacent image. Both images are displayed in the Preview window.

Photoshop CS3 When you want to compare two nonadjacent images, click on one image, hold down the Command key and then click on the second image to see both images in the Preview window.

You also can compare multiple, nonadjacent images by clicking on one image, holding down the Command key and then clicking on other images in the Content window. You'll see all of your selections in the Preview window.

2 Check fine details in Bridge with a new, cool loupe. Remember the days when photographers used to use a glass or plastic loupe to check out the details in a 35mm slide? The new loupe feature in Bridge does just that. It's great for checking out fine details, as well as looking for dust spots. You access the loupe simply by moving your cursor into the picture in the Preview window and then by clicking on the point you want to magnify.


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