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Thursday, January 11, 2007

4 Fundamental Photoshop Skills

Learn these essential tools and techniques and you'll be equipped for most common image enhancements

4 Fundamental Photoshop Skills

Photoshop and other sophisticated image-editing applications can be overwhelming at first. The surest way to get comfortable working with them is to begin by mastering a few of the techniques you'll use most often. Once you've achieved some success with them, you'll have a solid foundation for exploring the rest of the software's tools. We've chosen four key skills that you'll need for the most common image enhancements to help you get started.
Make Selections

Text And Photography By Wes Pitts

Making a good selection is more art than science, but you'll need both halves of your brain to master this fundamental Photoshop skill. Selections are essential for controlling which parts of your image are affected by the adjustments you make.

There are many tools and techniques for making selections in most image-editing applications. Photoshop offers a broad range of tools, from color selection to freehand tools and semi-automatic selectors.

Which Do You Choose?
I typically find I'll use several different selection tools to make a single selection, using each to add or subtract pixels to get the exact selection quickly. In this example, I wanted to see what my photo would look like if everything was black-and-white except for the stop sign. To do this, I needed to select the stop sign to isolate it from the rest of the image.


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